Social media curse: 5 things for a successful job search

Looking for a job? Then be sure that the recruiter is checking your social media accounts right this moment. In the age of plenty, it only takes a few seconds to check someone’s Facebook profile, or any profile really. More so, if you have a bit of experience (and who doesn’t?) – you would be surprised to what people can find out about you. So, to make your life easier (and ours) we came up with the 5 things you need to do on your social media before you start your job search.

  1. Enter your name into Google search. Better yet, try and do this outside your home network, because this way you will get the most accurate results. Check at least the first 5 pages. See what comes up and try to remove the unwanted information. Who has this kind of time? Recruiter.
  2.  Remove silly names. Well, if you are applying for a serious job and want to be treated seriously, then remove any nicknames or cute names from your profile. It doesn’t do you any favors and no one wants to hire a cute person (smart, please). And if you do decide to have it on your profile, then make sure the recruiter can’t find you.
  3. Spelling mistakes. We feel like repeating ourselves, but spelling mistakes should never be out there for everyone to see. Not on your CV, not your cover letter nor your social media profiles. It just looks bad.
  4. Treat yourself as a brand. How do things on your profile represent you as a person? We are definitely, not saying to hide everything because that just looks dodgy (what do you have to hide?). On a contrary, leave the information that puts you under the best light- your hobbies, your interests and no pictures with alcohol (alstublieft).
  5. Check your privacy settings. So next time before hitting that “publish” button check who will be able to see it. You might be surprised to find out that your last night out is visible to everyone on the internet 😉

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