How to WOO a recruiter? 5 steps towards a successful interview

Job interviews are intimidating as they are, however going there unprepared is the worst (trust us we know)! Whether it’s the first impression or questions recruiter is going to ask, it is hard to predict what will go down once you step over the recruiter’s doorstep.  So, we came up with the 5 steps that will help you woo the recruiter and land your future job or at least avoid some bizarre experiences.

  1. Look the part. In other words, be presentable. No one is asking for fancy and expensive clothes, however, you should look neat and dress according to the job you are applying to. It would be a great idea to do a little bit of research and find out more about job culture so that you don’t show up in sneakers when you needed to dress formally.
  2. Be on time! Better yet be there 15 minutes earlier. Not only it will show that you are serious about the job, but it also gives you time to use the restroom and just to ease into the interview. But make sure you aren’t scrolling through your phone the whole time. Because you can then kiss that job goodbye 😉
  3. Be nice to everyone. And we mean everyone! Remember that your job interview starts the minute you enter the company, so make sure to be extra nice to everyone you meet and especially the receptionist! We already lost count of the number of times people lost any opportunity at the job because they were nasty to our people at the reception.
  4. Avoid being extra Don’t get us wrong this is your time to show yourself under the best light. However, don’t talk about your looks and bribe about the other companies that are after you right now (you can mention that at a later stage). The recruiter is hiring a person that has relevant job experience and also a person who would fit into the company and the team. So letting him or her know, that you usually look better is really not helping you (or anyone really).
  5. Ask questions. At the end of the interview, you will hear a question: “Do you have any questions?”, so be prepared and have 2-3 good questions to ask about the company or the role. It shows that you are determined and interested in the company. Otherwise, why are you there?

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