Inforcontracting Group and its subsidiaries are reliable employers making every effort to satisfy their employees. To start with, we offer you a remuneration generally accepted on the market and good additional benefits related to your employment. At our employees’ request, we offer our temporary employees excellent accommodation and safe and good transport. Moreover, we support our employees in the broadest meaning of this word: whether it is a visit at the physician’s or dentist’s office, we are at your disposal. In emergencies we are at our employees’ disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, we offer our employees various forms of training in order to increase their chances in the labour market. For example we offer the following training courses:

• forklift truck operators,
• Basis VCA (safety of work)
• VOL VCA  (safety of work)
• BHV course (on-site rescue service)
• DAV training (asbestos removal)
• DTA training (supervision of asbestos removal works)
• a Dutch language course
• and others.

Have you found a job offer that appeals to you? Do you want to apply for work spontaneously? Register on our website or call us. We can actually find an appropriate job for anyone, as long as the person is well-motivated. In order to register you need a copy of an identity card, basic personal data and (a short) CV.